Managing your family’s heating budget just got easier. At East Coast Power & Gas, we offer you the option of locking into a low set rate or choosing a highly competitive variable rate. We’ll help you make the best decision and finally get a handle on volatile utility rates. As an ESCO, we buy natural gas in creative low cost ways not available to utilities, and as a result, you save. You’ll get the same bill you’ve always received, but with our great rates. Aren’t you ready to start saving?

Our residential natural gas plans:

Fixed rate:

A fixed-rate plan has a set rate that never changes throughout the contract period. This can help you budget for your household. However if market prices fall you will need to wait until your contract ends to enjoy a lower price.

Variable rate:

Variable rate plans run month-to-month, with no long-term contract or cancellation fee. The rate you pay per kWh/therm will probably vary from month-to-month. Your rate will go up or down, based on the market. Variable plans enable homeowners to benefit from falling prices, but they also carry the increased risk of potentially higher rates if commodity prices spike due to variable factors (natural disasters, cold winters, or adverse market conditions).

Nymex+ rate:

A Nymex+ rate plan is similar to a variable plan in that the price per therm can go up or down each month. The difference is that Nymex+ rate plans are tied to a publicly available price. This plan allows homeowners to lock in the transportation component of the gas price. The only piece that will fluctuate on a monthly basis is the cost of the gas itself aka “Nymex settle.”

Switching is simple!

Switching to East Coast is seamless. The process is completely transparent – you don’t even need to call your utility. You’ll receive the same bill (the utility will pay us). There will be no interruption of service and if any emergencies arise, (if you smell gas, for example) you can still call your utility company. Start Saving Now!  

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